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       Nathan Engelmann is a composer for film and multimedia based in Los Angeles. Working with Daniel James Chan (Quantum Leap, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Emergence), Nathan has written music on Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow, and currently composes additional music for Quantum Leap. He recently composed the score and songs for the award-winning disco musical film Wish Upon a Disco Ball (written and directed by Anabel Iñigo). He has also worked with Marcelo Zarvos (Wonder, Fences, Ray Donovan), and David Schwartz (Arrested Development, Northern Exposure, Rules of Engagement). Nathan enjoys composing for video games, trailers, podcasts, virtual reality, TV, and short/feature length films.


       As a young composer and performer, Nathan experimented with a multitude of genres and outlets for his music. Playing in a variety of styles and ensembles, he eventually worked as the keyboardist for Bob Marley collaborator Norma Fraser in 2011. 


       Nathan attended the University of Oregon, where he received his Bachelor of Music in classical composition. While at Oregon, he composed for a variety of musical groups, including the Grammy Award-winning vocal ensemble Roomful of Teeth. He studied and performed as a pianist, vocalist, and conductor, eventually directing the new music vocal ensemble Sospiro. During this time, his concert works and film scores were featured at the Undergraduate Research Symposium and the Oregon Bach Festival.


       Nathan attended the Screen Scoring program at USC, where he received his Master’s degree. At USC, Nathan was personally mentored by Christopher Young (Spiderman 3, The Grudge, Drag Me to Hell), Patrick Kirst (Disney’s Earth, The Kissing Booth), and Emmy Award-winning composer Laura Karpman (Carrie, What If…?).

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